About TA Service

TA. Service was founded by Torben Andersen in 1988.

TA. Service started out as a one-man company. The concept was to provide service and modifications to aids for people with mobility disabilities.

In 1988 there was a significant need from users and institutions to raise the level of service in the industry. Above all, there was a need to increase the dialog with users, and to customize aids to the need of the individual.

TA. Service based its mission on the realization that in-depth knowledge of the individual users need along with know how of wheel chairs technical capabilities in general induce the prospect of providing a qualitative service to mobility disabled people. For that reason, a significant part of the daily activities was focused on providing service to users of wheel chairs.

Since 1988, TA. Service has grown concurrently with the increased demand for its services. In 1992 TA. Service was changed to TA. Service Ltd.

In 1993 TA. Service Ltd. became the exclusive distributor of Panthera Production Inc. in Denmark.

TA. Service Ltd. is continuously utilizing the experience from the close user dialogs. Moreover, the company is now expanding into other related business areas.

In 1997 TA. Service Ltd. took over the production of Ginnerup products. Ginnerup products include aids such as office chairs and special designed toilet lifters.

In 1998 the company was awarded the title "Gazelle" by Børsen, the Danish equivalent of Wall Street Journal and Financial Times. In addition, TA Service Ltd. has received acknowledgement from the industry for its high level of service.

In 2004 TA. Service Ltd. became the exclusive distributor of Varilite cushion- and backsystems.

In 2005 TA. Servicec Ltd. designed their first electric wheelchairs of own development and production – TA Indoor. A small and compact electric wheelchair with high lift and tilt.

In 2010 the TA Indoor was redesigned to TA Indoor Wave, an improved version that also was crash tested with both 4-point attachment and docking station.

In 2013 TA. Service Ltd. launched a brand new unique and ground braking series of electric wheelchairs. The series consists of 3 models: TA iQ MWD (center driven),

In 2020 Meyra accquires TA Service A/S. TA Service becomes a part of the international mobility company Meyra Group.

TA iQ FWD (front wheel driven) and TA iQ RWD (rear wheel driven). TA iQ is developed, designed and manufactured in Denmark by TA. Service Ltd.

The mission of TA. Service Ltd. is to provide qualitative service to people with mobility disabilities. This mission is sought reached by focusing on the need of the individual along with in-depth technical knowledge. The aspiration is to increase the quality of life for the individual through intensive dialogs with users and through continuous product development.

TA Service´s uncompromising vision
The best possible mobility, optimal ergonomics, quality, safety and respect.