Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

TA. Service A/S follows the National Board of Health's recommendations regarding Covid-19 (Coronavirus)
As part of the ongoing effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and with the utmost regard for our customers, users and staff, TA.Service A/S, of course, follows the recommendations of the National Board of Health. Therefore, all scheduled international trips as well as visits from guests from the special risk areas have been canceled so far. All our employees have been reminded that in case of symptoms of Coronavirus, they should stay home and contact their own physician.
TA. Service A/S continuously monitors the situation and the recommendations of the National Board of Health.
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Torben Andersen CEO

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Recess in VL pillow

Recess in your Varilite pillow

After a short period of time, a small immersion will occur even when the pillow is filled with air, by the sacral-ischial area, in your Meridian or Evolution pillow from Varilite.
This does NOT mean that the pad is punctured, misused or broken. Varilite pads consist of a combination of air and different types of foam, and are designed to create a recess in the sacral-ischial area.
Why does it happen?
The soft foam, at the sacral-ischial area, gives less pressure on the powder's solid cover when the pad is filled with air than the surrounding firmer foam.
The Powder Blue Fixed Cover is made of a material stretched in 4 directions and emphasizes the recess.
Why is this no problem?
There is still air in the soft foam at the sacral-ischial area. The air helps to carry the weight in the pad and ensure a good pressure distribution.
The foam's task is to keep the air where it is needed and keep the pillow shape.
If this kind of immersion occurs on a pillow made entirely of foam, there is good cause for concern.
The depression will indicate that there has been a permanent pressure in the foam and that the foam has "sat down".
The technology behind Varilite's pillows, where the best air and foam properties are combined prevents a permanent pressure from occurring.

EvoSeat L

Aluminum footplate

Aluminum footplate
New thin footplate as accessory for TA electrical and manual center leg support.
The footplate is only 7 mm thick including rubber and weighs approx. 1 kg. against 1.9 kg for the standard footplate.
The footplate gives more clearance between the floor and footplate and fills less when moving.

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